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The Grand Prize Winner received $4,995 towards tuition for ANY culinary class at Living Light Culinary Institute OR a stay at the Living Light Inn in Fort Bragg, California, and the title of HOT RAW CHEF! And the winner is...

(Drum roll)

5. Amber Shea Ford


The Hot Raw Chef Runner-up, who wins $450 credit towards any culinary class at Living Light is...

35. Chaya Ryvka Diehl


Winner of The People's Choice Award, who receives a gift certificate for $250 to spend in any way they choose at one of Living Light's four businesses is...

5. Amber Shea Ford


1. Judy Dobberpuhl
Spicy Powerhouse
Chocolate Shake

2. Stephanie Schlosser
Quacamole Sizzle

3. Betsy Asmus
Hot Sexy
Cashew Cacao Truffles


4. Jannai Pero
Cranberry Pecan Torte
with Cashew Cream Frosting
and Chocolate Raspberry Sauce

5. Amber Shea Ford
Caramel-Fudge Brownies

6. Cecily Scott
Coco Heaven Bars


7. Karen Osborne
Fudge Cherry Bursts

8. Judith Toscano
Cocoa Coconut Love Drops

9. Heather Bishop
Mint Cookies


10. Elizabeth Fraser
Whoopie Pies

11. The Vegabond
Hot Chocolate

12. Afke Zonderland
Hot Raw Cacao Bliss Balls


13. Marlie Centawer
Sweetheart Vanilla Macaroons
Dipped in Dark Chocolate

14. Eloise Nelson
Raw Chocolate Fondue

15. Jennifer Una
Bitter Greens and
Sweet Citrus Salad


16. Margaret Gomes
Sweet Beet Chocolatey
Valentine Hearts

17. Debrilla Ratchford
Stuffed Prickly Pear
With Pomegranates

18. April Weller
Sweet Hearted
Fruit Almond Bites


19. Iris Kowen
Banana-Date-Tahini Parfait

20. Joy Houston
Orange Cream Cacao Bark

21. Angelique Miller
Mint Chocolate Truffles


22. Imago Mana
Caramel Pecan Fudge

23. Megan Elizabeth McDonnell
Strawberry-Filled Brownie Bites

24. Martina Brueggemann
Blueberry Delight with
Almond Butter, Ginger and Orange


25. Mila Ilina
White Chocolate Raspberry
Martini Parfait with
Chocolate Chip Cookie Crumble

26. Michelle Warren
Banana Popsicle Delight

27. Amanda Froelich
Raw Vegan
Cacao-Orange-Coconut Pudding Pie!


28. Kim Blair
Pistachio Fudge Sundae

29. Nancy Clayburn
RawBerry Carob Crumble Parfait

30. Lisa Villary
Sweet Papaya
Pad Thai Salad


31. Erin McCann
Sweet Beet Crepes
with Orange-Mint Compote

32. Lisa Norman
Sweet Valentine Cherry Bon Bons

33. Cheryl Lee-Butler
Mellow Mango Pie in a
Heavenly Pistachio Nut Date Crust


34. John Kohler
Spicy Tomato Collard Chips

35. Chaya Ryvka Diehl
Coconut Cardamom Rose Truffle

36. Jillian Love
Lovers Double Cherry
Buddha Fudge


37. Myra Corbett
3 in 1 Tomatillo Salsa

38. Christina Chadney
Lemon Love Notes

39. Pepper Hernandez
Spicy Mexican Fudge


40. Heather McCarthy
Almond and Chocolaty Fig

41. Mary Kay Simoni
Chocolate Coconut Checkerboard
Three-Layer Cake

42. Sandy Mitchell
Raw Chipotle-Almond Truffles


43. Ananda Wildflower
“Wild Bliss” Raw Superfood Shake

44. Colleen Miller
Raw Turtles