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Hot Raw Chef™ 2012 Sweet Valentine Video Contest Banner

Become the next Hot Raw Chef™!

Enter Living Light Culinary Institute's newest Hot Raw Chef™ Sweet Valentine Video Recipe Contest produced by Living Light International and sponsored by Tribest. In this contest, the recipes must be not only delicious and sensual; they must also be low-glycemic and gluten-free!


This contest is designed to show the world how fun and easy raw food preparation can be, and it's open to anyone who wants to share their favorite recipe and teaching expertise with the world!


Watch Cherie make shortcake in this sample video.


We’re giving away $4,200 in amazing prizes - plus the opportunity to promote yourself and your teaching skills to thousands of viewers.


Contest Information

The Six Prizes


Overall Grand Prize
The best overall winner will receive a Grand Prize of a $2,000 scholarship towards tuition of ANY Living Light culinary class OR a stay at the Living Light Inn PLUS a Green Star Elite 5000 Juicer. This is the top of the line juicer we recommend at Living Light and it is valued at $539! Total Prize: $2,539.00. There is no cash redemption for this non-transferable prize. You must use the tuition credit or stay at the inn within 18 months following the Sweet Valentine Video Recipe Contest winner announcement.

The runner-up winner will receive $500 credit towards a culinary class at Living Light PLUS a Tribest Personal Blender 300 XL! Total Prize: $599.00. The $500 certificate is transferable so you can choose to further your education or give it as a gift to someone you love! There is no cash redemption for the personal blender.

People's Choice Award
The person who wins the most votes from online votes will receive a gift certificate for $250 to spend at one or more of Living Light’s four businesses, Living Light culinary classes, the Living Light Marketplace, the Living Light Café, or the Living Light Inn, PLUS a Tribest Personal Blender 300 XL! Total Prize: $349.00

Voters’ Prizes
In addition to the prizes awarded to our contest winners, each voter will be entered into a free raffle to win great prizes generously donated by Tribest. First Place Voter raffle winner will receive a Green Star Elite 5000 Juicer, valued at $539! A second and third raffle winner will receive a Tribest Personal Blender 300 XL, valued at $99 each!


Hot Raw Chef™ Video Contest Submission

The Video Submission

• The total length of the video must be under 5 minutes.
• The majority of the preparation must be preformed in front of the camera, with the exception of freezing, dehydration, or time to “set-up.”
• The video must be of you demonstrating your own original recipe.
• At the end of your video presentation, you must say, “Go to HotRawChef.com to vote for me! Don’t forget – do it now! That’s HotRawChef.com to cast your People's Choice vote for me, [your name here]!”
• You must submit a photograph of yourself.
• Your video will be evaluated on presentation and teaching style as well as recipe quality and adherence to the judging criteria. Video production quality is not a consideration in judging, so no fancy equipment is needed.
• Deadline for video submissions is Midnight Pacific Time on January 17, 2012.


Hot Raw Chef™ Sweet Valentine Recipe Card

The Recipe

• Your recipe must contain 100% vegan ingredients (no honeybee, dairy, or other animal products or byproducts). Recipes using non-vegan ingredients will be disqualified.
• The recipe must be low in sugar, using predominately low-glycemic or zero-carbohydrate sweeteners (see list of sweeteners on page 4 of the Contest Guidelines pdf).
• The recipe must be gluten-free (see list of common gluten-containing foods on page 8 of the Contest Guidelines pdf).
• The recipe must be written in an easy-to-read format and submitted using our recipe writing guidelines (see recipe writing guidelines on page 9 of the Contest Guidelines pdf).
• Your recipe must contain a minimum of 90% raw ingredients by weight. Ingredients which are admissible, but not considered raw, include things like: gluten-free miso, tamari, natural flavor extracts like food grade essential oils, vanilla, and other pure flavor extracts, pure agave, maple syrup, agar agar, lecithin, and commercially dehydrated foods, likes spices.
• Your recipe will be included in an eBook of contest recipes which will be given to everyone who registers to vote.
• You must submit a photograph along with your recipe and video showing your finished, plated dish.


The Presentation

• All contestants are required to accept a standard waiver for the use of photos, video, and recipes by representatives of Living Light. See “Agreement” on page 11 of the Contest Guidelines pdf.
• Please refrain from using inappropriate slang, swear words, disrespectful or judgmental language.
• Avoid giving unsubstantiated nutritional information or medical advice.

• Do not use this video as a sales opportunity or for personal promotion of a web site, etc. All entrants will have their web site and/or contact information listed on our voting page so people may contact you for information about your services.


Additional Details

• The voting period for videos will be between January 20 through Midnight on February 2, 2012.
• Living Light faculty, employees, and family members are not eligible to participate.


Hot Raw Chef™ Judging

Judging Criteria

The votes by Living Light teaching faculty will count for 80% of the vote and will take into consideration things like overall presentation and teaching style, quality of recipe, and adherence to guidelines. The People's Choice votes will not only determine the People's Choice Award Winner, but will also account for 20% of the overall vote, so the people's online vote will be counted and can actually rawk the vote!


All submissions will be equally reviewed for the following:

1. Overall Presentation and Teaching Style - 60%
Includes professionalism, teaching skills, enthusiasm, culinary expertise, culinary tips, ease of recipe, and attractiveness of final product.

2. Quality of Recipe - 20%
Includes originality, creativity, ease of preparation, clarity of written recipe.

3. Votes by the Public - 20%
Get your friends to support your rise to the top! The person with the most votes in this category will win the People's Choice Award. Votes will also count toward the overall score.

4. Adherence to Guidelines - Points Deduction
This category amounts to a deduction of points if guidelines are not followed. Examples include: the amount of non-raw ingredients, amount of time spent promoting products, offering unsubstantiated nutritional information, etc. Not adhering to guidelines could result in a deduction of up to 40% and in some cases, elimination.


We’re giving away $4,200 in prizes - plus the opportunity to promote yourself and your teaching skills to thousands of viewers. So get your video cameras and cell phones ready!