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Video Recipe Contest Entries

The Hot Raw Chef™ Grand Prize Winner will receive a Grand Prize of a $2,000 scholarship towards tuition of ANY Living Light culinary class OR a stay at the Living Light Inn PLUS a Green Star Elite 5000 juicer, donated by sponsor Tribest! And the Hot Raw Chef™ Grand Prize Winner is...(Drum roll) Callie England.

The Hot Raw Chef™ Runner-up, who wins $500 credit towards any culinary class at Living Light PLUS a Tribest Personal Blender 300 XL is... Jennifer McClelland.

Winner of the People's Choice Award, who receives a gift certificate for $250 to spend in any way they choose at one of Living Light's four businesses PLUS a Tribest Personal Blender 300 XL is... Jeevi The Laughing Chef.

Winner of a Green Star Elite Juicer, donated by sponsor Tribest, is…
Alice M. (Voter)

The winners of a Tribest Personal Blender 300 XL, donated by sponsor Tribest, are…
Shannon S. (Voter)
Shelly F. (Voter)

A special congratulations to all the 48 winners of Divine Organics’ White Mulberries, Almond Flour and Polynesian Pili Nuts. You will be notified via email.

Congratulations to all of our winners and voters!


Special thanks to our contest sponsors!


These videos are posted in the order received. Enjoy!


1. Sarah Creighton
Chocolate Cinnamon Tart with
Vanilla Cream Topping
More Info

2. Kim Hostetter
Ginger Lotus
Blossom Dessert
More Info

3. Sara Siso
Chocolate Marzipan Delight
More Info


4. Hannah Burkhauser
Raw Fruit Pizza
More Info

5. Gwen Marzano
Banana Ice Cream and Chocolate Sauce
More Info

6. Lisa Wilson
Cardamon and Cacao, Fig Fudge Brownies
More Info


7. Mariel Cuddihee
Chocolate Fudge
More Info

8. Bianca Walter
Creamy Banana and Macadamia Nut Ice Cream with a Twist of Lime and Layers of Chunky Goodness
More Info

9. Jahari Adjiri
Pineapple Cacao "Cheesecake" with Cacao Coconut Ganache
More Info


10. Sandra Everett
Coconut Carob Mousse with Raspberry Filling
More Info

11. Jeevi - The Laughing Chef
Raw Vegan Fettuccini with Raw Vegan Pesto Sauce
More Info

12. Jennifer McClelland
Stuffed Dates with Cashew-Banana Cream Topped with Almonds
More Info


13. Raquel Moreno
Chipotle Chocolate Cherry Apple Tart
More Info

14. Priscilla Soler
Strawberry-Tangerine Salad
More Info

15. Camelia Noble
Lovers Midnight Delight
More Info


16. Miss Lee
Tropical Breeze Slushy
More Info

17. Nik Bsullak
Strawberry Mousse Tangerine Cups
More Info

18. Cyd Koehn
Pistachio Sweetheart
More Info


19. Linda Trubey
Coconut Almond Joy Cookie
More Info

20. Heather Walker
Raw Vegetable Spaghetti with Sweet Cashew Pesto
More Info

21. John Kohler
Tastes Like Chocolate Pie
More Info


22. Laurie Biswell
Be My Berry Nut Cup, Valentine
More Info

23. Linda Larkin
Coconut Cashew Tart
More Info

24. Rachael Renee Gerkensmeyer
Tropical Banana Mango Sorbet
More Info


25. Stefanie Ming
Raw Strawberry Coconut Truffles
More Info

26. Callie England
One-Bite Strawberry Cheesecake Pops (nut-free)
More Info

27. Nancy Clayburn
Carob Chipotle Strawberry/Kiwi Fruit Layer with Cashew Lemon Crème
More Info


28. Michelle Irwin
Vanilla Bean Cashew Mousse
More Info

29. Megan Elizabeth
Blueberry Chocolate Mousse Pie
More Info

30. Elizabeth Bates
Sweet Chocolate Cream with Blackberry Crust Delight
More Info


31. Tammy Morgan
Creamy Vegan Palmaria Coconut Cups
More Info

32. Deb Marcella Wing
Heart Beet
More Info


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